SHOCKING Our Enemies With This Lightning Build! – Dreamscaper 1.0 Full Release

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That Time I Reincarnated As The Senat And Had Unlimited Power.

Dreamscaper is finally out of early access! Let this video give you an idea on how the finished product will look!

Dreamscaper Release comes with 2 additional bosses, more Meta Progression unlocks and a Nightmarish Difficulty Setting! Thought these dreams were nasty already? You’re in for a rude awakening!

Cassidys Story also finally comes to a close.

Get the game now and give yourself a head start before it launches officially tomorrow!

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Cassidy is back and her dreams now go deeper than ever! Join us as we discover the depths of her subconcious and fight through truly nightmarish waves of enemies with new skills and never seen before abilities!

In Dreamscaper, we explore the lucid dreams of our Protagonist Cassidy. Cassidy works in Marketing but also has a vivid interest in arts. Over the course of the game, we will get to learn new people and form relationships which will influence our lucid dreams. Apparently!

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Big Thanks to Afterburner Studios for creating this game!

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  1. It has been 113 days since the last stream and well DDG… I will always hope for a stream… No matter how much Irl Stuff consumes me… I shall always be waiting for the day… I hear the sounds of a stream again!


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