Jupiter Hell & Dreamscaper (Zero Punctuation)

Get Dreamscaper on Steam ➜ https://playnow.tm/dreamscaper/356

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Jupiter Hell and Dreamscaper.

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35 thoughts on “Jupiter Hell & Dreamscaper (Zero Punctuation)”

  1. Yahtzee talking about Palestinian armed resistance and 'secessionist terror' in Yemen as if it wasn't the yanks, zionists and saudis with all the guns…….. i come here to forget about these topics

  2. 3:12 Yahtz that's literally enter the gungeon. There's even a gun that fires tshirts and is very low tier so you find it often. The fun there is that guns are not the usual "point at thing and it dies" guns in enter the gungeon always have a gimmick, but it spices things up to me


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