DreamScaper in 60 seconds, the magical action RPG Roguelite

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A magical world, acton-based gameplay, well-thought-out progression, I’m talking about the Rogue-lite DreamScaper nugget!

FRANCAIS – https://youtu.be/-uPIdNgm65Q

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At night, explore your subconscious and discover powerful artifacts to defeat your nightmares. By day, explore the town of Redhaven and build relationships to unleash the power of your dreams. Dream, die, wake up and start again!

If you don’t know DreamScaper yet, since its early access release it has been very well followed and offers a very good roguelite adventure in an enchanted world! It is also often on sale so do not hesitate to take a look!

DreamScaper, One game in 60 secondes #29
By Alchemists, July 2022
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