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Dreamscaper ep 4 is here! This is the gameplay of part 4 of our Blind Dreamscaper Let’s Play series, in which our dream journey continues right where we left things off… with the defeat of ‘Regret’. As we travel deeper and deeper, the world of our dreams starts to twist and turn. The nightmares become increasingly more dangerous, and the embodiment of ‘Resentment’ awaits us. But our journey does not end there, as we try our luck and go even deeper. But in the end, ‘Negativity’ might turn out to be too much for us.

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Video chapters:
00:00 ‘The Descent’
21:11 ‘The Fracturing’
37:06 Exploring Redhaven

Welcome to the Wolfden! My name is Voltorn Elda and if you’re looking for a serious Let’s Player who pays attention to the lore, world and story of a game, and who loves to be immersed into the games he plays, then you’ve come to the right place. With a new upload every single day (except on Thursday) at 8pm CET, you’ll always be able to find something you enjoy.
No fake and ‘over the top’ reactions, but pure and honest gameplay.

All content on this channel is produced with fair use in mind. Through my commentary I add an entirely new dimension to the games I play. In no way however are my let’s plays a substitute for the games themselves, and thus I almost always advice my viewers to play a game for themselves. A blind experience will always be the best way to experience a game, while a Let’s Play like mine is perfect to re-experience the original blind journey.

The artwork for Volty, which is used in these videos, has been created by the talented Yookie:

Volty himself and his original design and fur-pattern is owned by me personally.

Flying High by Vindsvept
Alterations to the song have been made to shorten it’s length for the outro.

If any music has been added during editing, and I’ve somehow forgotten to credit them in this video description, the music is by one of these amazing artists.
Please check them out:

Adrian Von Ziegler:
–link to statement in regards to music usage–

–CC 4.0 license of Vindsvept, found in his video descriptions–
(As the outro of my videos I’ve used the song ‘Flying High’, and slightly adapted it to better fit the time slot)

Kevin Macleod:
–Link to statement regarding use of the music on youtube–

Do note that none if these artists have ‘endorsed’ me or the ‘use’ of my created content, by allowing people to use their music while crediting them.

~Voltorn Elda


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