Creepypasta oc brrrr (READ DESC FOR INFO)

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I’ve seen lots of gacha users on tiktok showing their creepypasta oc, so why shouldn’t I?

Promised info:
He’s called the dreamscaper. Irl he’s a normal individual, in the dreamscapes/dream world he’s basically the hive mind. He controls all matter and information about the dreamscapes and is commonly known among dream pedestrians as the Dreamscaper. I suggest you don’t tick him off, as when he kills your dream self you cannot sleep anymore and are doomed to die from exhaustion.

(Dream pedestrians are basically people who live in the dreamscapes, they have normal lives in dream worlds and cannot come to the outside world.)

also I’m planning next video to be more about him and to answer any questions, so go ahead and ask anything in the comments!


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